Monday, December 10, 2007

Nominate your favorite home light displays

From very modest beginnings, Bill White's Christmas display tours posted every year in the Morning Call has blossomed into a multimedia production that raises thousands of dollars every year for charity. For many, the tours have become part of an annual holiday tradition - it certainly has in my household.

Bill is again looking for nominations. When possible, include directions. Armed with this information the end result will be a series of mini-tours and photos that are scheduled to run Dec. 21, the last Friday before Christmas.

A few reminders:

Don't hesitate to nominate your own display. This is very common, and in many cases it has kept the best houses from falling through the cracks.

Don't assume a return to a house because it was on the tour last time. New nominations are required every year.

Don't assume a house isn't worth nominating if it wasn't included in the past. The routes change every year, and in many cases inclusion depends on what other displays are nearby and the tastes of that group of judges. What's more, all the nominees run on the Web site.

If there's an interesting story behind the display, tell Bill. He usually writes features on one or two houses over the course of December.

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