Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Musikfest is almost here! Best of the Fest

The following reflects the opinion of the blogger, and not the opinion of NET.

That's right people, Musikfest, (the largest free outdoor music festival in America which attracts over 1 million people each year) starts this Thursday and runs through the following weekend. And considering I have spent every year of my life at Musikfest, volunteering several of those years, I think I have the authority the tell you a few tricks and point you in the right direction of the very best of the fest.

Parking is generally a nightmare. Usually your best bet is heading up under the bridge in Plaza Tropical going towards Fountain Hill. Or if you desire, pay for parking and help out some local nonprofits. Getting there early (before 7 pm) also helps. Steer clear of the parking garages unless you plan on spending the day - it costs a steep $10.

You can also avoid parking woes by parking in one of the large lots throughout Bethlehem and riding the bus in ($2 each way). Or you can take public transportation (ie bus) which costs $2.50 per day unlimited rides.

I have the unique privilege of working right on Main Street, and thus right in the thick of Musikfest. That coupled with 3 solid weeks of volunteering over lunchtime, and I've been able to sample some of the best foods around.

My favorites include:
Buckeye Tavern's Strip Steak Sandwich - a little on the pricey side as food goes, but it's loaded up with onions and sweet peppers, you can't go wrong
Corn on the cob
Volksplatz is also ethic food central so try something Greek, Italian or Jamaican.

Crab Cake Sandwich - just yummy
3rd Street Chicken and Ribs - Don't forget the potato logs

Main Street Bethlehem
Take a Taco - Only appearing at fairs and festivals around the Lehigh Valley these are the best soft shell tacos around
Brewworks - beat the heat and enjoy the air conditioning inside, but be prepared for a long wait

Plaza Tropical
Leiby's Ice Cream - the local legend

No matter what your tastes are, you'll be sure to find something you like at Musikfest. Some favorites include: Fabulous Grease Band (oldies), Cimarron (country), Sarah Ayers Band (Jazz), UUU (rock), Boilermakers Jazz Band (Swing/Jazz), Crazyheart (country).

And don't forget the fireworks the last day of the festival.

Hope to see you around this year!