Monday, December 10, 2007

Meeting tonight concerning the fate of Salisbury's Southbury Park

The Lehigh Valley Chapter of the Sierra Club has some deep concerns about the proposed Southbury Park residential subdivision. It's located on 100 acres on South Mountain that has been identified as worthy of conservation by Federal and State Agencies. A Lehigh County judge has already overruled a Salibury Township Commisioners' decision to grant a variance for this development, calling it an "abuse of discretion."

Tonight, at 7 PM, the state DEP will consider a developer request to divert construction activity stormwater right into Trout Creek and Black River. The purpose of tonight's meeting is to solicit public comment and concerns. This meeting will take place at Salisbury Twp. High School Auditorium, 500 E Montgomery St, Salisbury, PA.

Why should you care?

1) Because the highlands of South Mountain are a natural resource that Federal and State Agencies have named as worthy of conservation

2) Because you feel a responsibility toward the inheritance we leave future generations, not just today's privileged interests.

3) Because you're concerned about the potential for more flooding in the area and the degradation of Trout Creek, one of the state's few remaining high quality streams

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