Friday, December 01, 2006

Death of fellow young professional leader mourned by community

Today, YPO conference hosts at Next Generation Consulting's blog reports Meghan Hackett, 23 died Sunday from a brain aneurysm.

Meghan went home from her job at the Chamber of Commerce in Dubuque, Iowa a week ago, complaining of a headache. She never came back.

"Meghan was the driving force behind Dubuque's new Young Professionals Network.

In less than three months she encouraged more than 100 people to join the organization.

'This organization is in it's infancy and that was the beauty of what Meghan was doing. She provided that energy to help everyone else get out there and figure out what this organization was going to look like,' said Kathy Kessler of the Dubuque Chamber of Commerce.

Life was cut short for this young woman with what people called an infectious smile. But the impact she made on the community in that short time, will long be remembered." - KCRG News reports.

The NET extends its deepest sympathy to Meghan's family and friends, and the Young Professionals Network of Dubuque. She is a great loss to the young professional community and will be truly missed.

The Young Professionals Network of Dubuque has established a Meghan Hacket Memorial Fund. To contribute, write c/o Kathy Kessler, Dubuque Chamber of Commerce, 300 Main Street, Suite 200, Dubuque IA 52001.

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