Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lehighton Family delivers White House Christmas Tree

An 18-foot Christmas tree and six grandchildren of its Lehighton-area growers arrived at the White House this morning via horse-drawn wagon for an official welcome by First Lady Laura Bush.

Bush thanked the Botek family for donating and delivering the main tree, which will be displayed at the center of the mansion in the Blue Room throughout a month of holiday festivities as the official tree.

Then she invited the dozen or so Boteks on hand into the White House for tea. The Boteks own Crystal Spring Tree Farm, Mahoning Township.

"This is by far the biggest honor that we have ever, ever had," said Chris Botek, son of founders Francis and Margaret Botek, said afterward. "My parents have worked their whole lives (raising trees). It's been 42 years and now we're in the White House. It doesn't get too much better than that."

The farm provided three Douglas Firs to the White House. The two smaller trees will be displayed in the Oval Office and upstairs in the Bush family residence.

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