Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Good news young professionals - new dog park approved for Nazareth

Today, Bernie over at Lehigh Valley Ramblings noted that Nazareth approved a dog park back in July. This would be an addition to the only other dog park in the Lehigh Valley over in Bethlehem. We'll keep you posted about any new developments.

Anyone else hear of developing dog parks in the region?


Kevin said...

I have not heard of any in that area. I am working on starting one in lancaster pa. I would be interested on what township authority in leigh valley that would be needed to be contaacted aboyr getting more dog parks in that area? any info on contacts?

NET said...

I would assume you would need to contact each township/municipality's board who then may direct you to the person who oversees their park system. I recall there used to be a group who brought upon action to create the dog park, but I can't find them on the internet. You may be able to find other like-minded individuals however a dogster (http://www.dogster.com/group/grp_page.php?g=1441). Like myspace only for dogs and their owners.

County park systems also may be targeted. Good luck in your efforts!