Friday, October 13, 2006

NET Blog only one of three in the country

According to a post on Converstations, a blog about corporate business blogging, the NET's blog is only one of three young professional blogs in the country.

Blogger Mike Sansone writes:
"An active member of the Des Moines Young Professionals connection asked me if I knew of other YP groups using feeds and blogs. My plan was to find all the YP feeds, then put them into FeedBlendr so they could use as desired. We hit a snag. Most every YP site is still using PDFs, Web 1.0 calendar tools, and hosting photos on their own server. A challenge to all Young Professional groups out there. You should be on the cutting edge. True, mentors can teach you some things about business. But you can teach them some things too!"

We're trying our best Mike. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Go NET! That's really great news that we are only one of 3 in the country. It makes me feel like we accomplished something here in the Valley. - A Former NET officer