Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Come here often?

Our little NET blog has grown over the past few months and it's interesting to see what brings people here and what they read. So in our super anal retentive, over analysis thinking, we checked out our stats and thought we would share our interesting (well we think it's interesting!) findings.

Top 3 searches that brought you here:
  1. Starters Riverport
  2. Riverport Condos
  3. Corporate Buzzwords

Top 3 referring website:

  1. www.netyp.org (well that was pretty obvious)
  2. www.google.com (all those searches had to bring your here somehow)
  3. www.westendneighborhood.blogspot.com/ (neat blog about Allentown's West End)

Top 3 most popular posts:

  1. Starters Riverport
  2. Corporate Buzzwords
  3. Area's Growth Off The Charts

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