Thursday, May 25, 2006

Musikfest Volunteering at Volksplatz

August, as most of you know, is Musikfest time in Bethlehem. The 10-day festival is free to the public and a really great time of year to be proud of the area. One of the reasons that they can keep the majority of the Fest free is because of volunteers.

We are going to be running the ENTIRE SITE of Volksplatz on Sunday, August 6th! Please sign up ASAP (Organizers are requesting by June 7th!) so that we can keep our commitment to the area and to the festival. It should be exciting and fun, as we have worked this site in the past. It's ONLY one night (5pm - 11pm) and a Sunday at that, please consider volunteering your time and giving back just a little to the Valley.

We have committed to volunteering 35 people, so please sign up soon as space is limited and lots of people are always interested in volunteering at Musikfest! [Information to follow on shirts and other specifics as the time gets closer.]

To sign up as a volunteer please visit this link:

Please note: Please make sure to say you want to be scheduled with NETwork of Young Professionals so the organizers will be able to keep us together. Evening shift - August 6 - Volksplatz

Here is the breakdown of where we need volunteers:
Beer = 15
Wine = 5
Southern Comfort = 5
Clean Team = 5
Tix #1 = 4

Any questions about volunteering can be mailed to Kim.

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