Friday, May 05, 2006

Starters Riverport

We hear that the new Starters Riverport bar is open in Southside Bethlehem at 17 West 2nd Strett in the Riverport condos. Has anyone been there yet?

Let us know how what you think about it. Leave a comment below!


Geoffrey Keck said...

I just went last night, incredible. I love sports bars and this one is great! Feels like a mini Dave and Busters. Tons of stuff to do, smoking must be done on the patio, good food and lots and lots of TV's! Drinks are moderately priced and the bar is very long so not to much wait time for drinks. I stepped outside for a cigarette and it was a different world. I literally felt like I was Philadelphia, not Bethlehem. The place is beautiful, metal tables to sit at, large lamp posts light the courtyard. Amazing! It's about time we got something like this in our area. Check it out!!!!

Anonymous said...

Been there 4 times already, much better than the original Starters, not that Starters is bad at all. The Starters Riverport is like the comment above says, a mini Dave & Busters. The whole project seems out of place in the Southside Bethlehem area, but you don't feel like it when you are at the new Starters. There are TVs as far as the eye can see, and if some of them were any bigger it would be like being in a movie theater. There's an indoor patio, and you park right inside the building in a parking garage. You never have to wait, because there is so much room. The bar is huge, and there is two floors of arcade games! Great place to eat, the food is awesome. And, there's more.

Anonymous said...

Just got back form Riverport. they had their prom theme tonight and it was pretty wild. DJ cap cee was spinning, good music selections, food was good, not a long wait for drinks, really hot girls, etc. I will come back for sure. Good start for bethlehem.