Monday, April 02, 2007

With new parks director, Allentown begins work on master plan

Damien Brown reports:

Fellow blogger and neighbor Mike Drabenstott sent me a link to The Allentown Parks & Recreation Master Plan after briefly meeting with Allentown's new Parks, Recreation, and Trails Director, Greg Weitzel. It appears Mr. Weitzel is a highly experience mover and shaker who has what it takes to make this plan a reality.

The plan Mr. Weitzel will be using as a guide is very comprehensive and includes a detailed analysis of all of Allentown's parks. Hundreds of details listing each park's assets and opportunities for improvement are included. Suggestions for improvements vary from new lighting and fencing to joint regional ownership and funding opportunities.

One of the most interesting aspects of the plan is a proposal to connect all of the city's larger parks with a network of biking and walking trails. This trail network would allow all sections of the city to be interconnected through Allentown's park system while connecting to the Lehigh/Delaware National Historic Corridor trail providing access to trails for over a hundred miles north and south of Allentown.

Click here to view The Allentown Parks & Recreation Master Plan.

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