Monday, April 02, 2007

Easton South Side Civic Group wants you, young professionals

The Easton South Side Civic Association is looking for new members and new leadership as it begins another rebuilding phase in its more than 60-year history.

The neighborhood organization has launched a publicity campaign to try to attract South Side residents to this month's meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday in St. Paul's Lutheran Church, 610 Berwick St.

The meeting will include the election of officers and a brainstorming session to set the association's agenda, according to member Melody Rogers.

''We just want to get everyone's idea on how to make South Side a lot better and how to attract the younger people to want to do things,'' Rogers said.

Michael Plummer has stepped down as president after four years.

''It's time for somebody else to carry the ball,'' said Plummer, who will continue to be a member but has decided to take a break from the leadership role.

Rogers has been rallying residents to re-energize the organization by targeting some of the South Side's new residents.

''We just want new blood in there,'' Rogers said. ''It's been active since the 1940s, but people who just moved into the neighborhoods don't know about the South Side Civic Association.''

Rogers said all residents and elected officials are invited to the meeting, and she can be be contacted at 610-253-5512.

When: Tuesday, April 2, 7 p.m.

Where: St. Paul's Lutheran Church, 610 Berwick St., Easton

Contact: Melody Rogers, 610-253-5512

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