Friday, February 02, 2007

Another great turnout for First Thursday

The NET had another great turnout last night at Starter's Riverport. Around 70 people showed up to mingle and unwind with their peers. There was even some starpower, as Mayor John Callahan of Bethlehem made an appearance to show his support for young professionals in the area. His presence goes to show that officials in the area are sitting up and taking notice of the NET and young professionals in the area. Our opinion matters as the Lehigh Valley continues to rapidly develop in our cities and surrounding areas.

In addition, a significant amount of attendees elected to become new dues-paying members of the NET as more and more young professionals realize the value of becoming a NET member. Dues paying members are privy to over one hundred discounts they can use throughout the year, as well as a free subscription to Lehigh Valley Style. Plus they get discounts on great NET events like First Thursday, which is free to all dues paying members.

Don't be a square and miss out on the rest of February's events. Check out the events page for more.

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