Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Point person created for Allentown in LV Chamber

The Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce has tapped Easton's former director of Community and Economic Development to be its point person in Allentown.

Miriam Huertas, 51, a 17-year Allentown resident who spent nearly three decades with PPL, finishing her career there as economic development director in 2002, will become the Chamber's vice president for Allentown initiatives, coordinating citywide business promotion efforts.

She said she wants to bring more businesses to the city, add members to the Allentown Business Council and revive the Chamber's downtown merchants association. She also said she hopes to do more special events promotions.

''In center city there is certainly the opportunity to add businesses,'' Huertas said.

One of her first jobs probably will be to lead the effort to assess reviving the Downtown Improvement District Authority — which collected a levy on downtown property owners in order to promote, maintain and secure the central business district and was disbanded in 2003.

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