Monday, January 01, 2007

Top ten reasons to become a NET dues paying member in January

1. NET membership is the key to NET’s fantastic social, educational, and cultural events. In the past year, we’ve had political roundtables, professional development seminars, community volunteer opportunities, and recreational outings.

2. NET members get to join in on First Thursdays for free. First Thursdays cost $3 for non-members.

3. NET members get a free subscription to Lehigh Valley Style (worth $15).

4. The NET membership card is a gateway to discounts at businesses throughout the Lehigh Valley. We currently have over 100 participating businesses, and with our aggressive new campaign, that number is growing every day.

5. You can fulfill work volunteer requirements by having fun with your peers and making a difference in your community.

6. You can take action with a group of your peers and speak out on behalf of young professionals across the Lehigh Valley to help shape the quality of life here. We do have a voice, and community leaders are listening.

7. You can develop professional skills that can help advance you in your career and network with other like-minded young business people.

8. The opportunity to become a leader in your community and give back to the Lehigh Valley.

9. As a dues-paying member, you are able to vote in NET elections, run for the NET board, and serve as committee chair. To find out more on how to become further involved in the NET come to our next organizational meeting.

10. During the month of January you get 10% off the regular $30 membership fee.

So what are you waiting for? Join now!

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