Thursday, November 09, 2006

Six-lane waterslide to be added to Wildwater Kingdom

A six-lane, open-air water slide called a mat racer will be Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom's newest attraction next year.

Dorney Park has asked South Whitehall Township for permission to build the mat racer, a downhill slope that works a little like a sledding hill without the snow. Riders lie down on a mat and race down the water slide, trying to beat each other to the pool at the bottom.

The mat racer will replace the Torpedo Tubes, a pair of enclosed corkscrew-style water rides that had been at the park since 1988. Park spokeswoman Heather Kramer said the Torpedo Tubes have been taken down. The mat racer will not be built on the former site of the Torpedo Tubes. Instead, it is slated to be built on a nearby hillside, next to the wave pool.

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