Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Results

It was a good day for Democrats and good day for open space. Democrats have taken the House by a whopping 27 seats, leading to the first female Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California. Two very close races in Montana and Virginia determine who controls the Senate. Democrats have gained 4 seats, and need to win both seats to gain control.

All of the open space questions were passed in: Lower Saucon Township, New Hanover Township, Upper Dublin Township, Upper Pottsgrove Township, Whitemarsh Township, Springfield Township, Warwick Township, and Wrightstown Township. That's good news for local young professionals who have proclaimed open space as one of their top priorities in moving forward with smart growth in this area.

Election results as of 10:30 a.m.:

PA Governor - Ed Rendell (D)

US Senator - Bob Casey Jr. (D)

US Congress - Pennsylvania

6th District - Too close to call

7th District - Joe Sestak (D)

8th District - Too close to call

13th District - Allyson Schwartz (D)

15th District - Charlie Dent (R)

16th District - Joe Pitts (R)

17th District - Tim Holden (D)

Pennsylvania Senator

2nd District - Christine Tartaglione (D)

4th District - Leanna Washington (D)

6th District - Robert Tommy (R)

10th District - Chuck McIlhinney (R)

12th District - Stewart Greenleaf (R)

16th District - Too close to call

18th District - Lisa Boscola (D)

20th District - Lisa Baker (R)

24th District - Rober Wonderling (R)

26th District - Edwin Erickson (R)

36th District - Michael Brubaker (R)

44th District - John Rafferty (R)

48th District - Mike Folmer (R)

Pennsylvania Representative

13th District - Arthur Hershey (R)

18th District - Gene DiGirolamo (R)

26th District - Tim Hennessey (D)

29th District - Bernie O'Neill (R)

31st District - David Steil (R)

53rd District - Robert Godshall (R)

61st District - Kate Harper (R)

70th District - Too close to call

122nd District - Keith McCall (D)

124th District - David Argall (R)

125th District - Tim Seip (D)

126th District - Dante Santoni Jr. (D)

128th District - Sam Rohrer (R)

129th District - Too close to call

130th District - David Kessler (D)

131st District - Karen Beyer (R)

132nd District - Jennifer Mann (D)

133rd District - Joseph Brennan (D)

134th District - Doug Reichley (R)

140th District - John Galloway (D)

141st District - Anthony Melio (D)

142nd District - Chris King (D)

143rd District - Marguerite Quinn (R)

144th District - Katharine Watson (R)

145h District - Paul Clymer (R)

146th District - Thomas Quigley (R)

147th District - Bob Mensch (R)

148th District - Mike Gerber (D)

149th District - Daylin Leach (D)

150th District - Mike Vereb (R)

151st District - Rick Taylor (D)

152nd District - Thomas Murt (R)

153rd District - Josh Shapiro (D)

154th District - Lawrence Curry (D)

156th District - Too close to call

157th District - Carole Rubley (R)

158th District - Chris Ross (R)

159th District - Thaddeaus Kirkland (D)

160th District - Stephen Barrer (R)

161st District - Too close to call

162nd District - Ron Raymond (R)

163rd District - Nicholas Micozzie (R)

164th District - Mario Civera Jr. (R)

165th District - William Adolph Jr. (R)

166th District - Greg Vitali (D)

167th District - Too close to call.

168th District - Thomas Killian (R)

170th District - George kenney Jr. (R)

172nd District - John Perzel (R)

173rd District - Michale McGeehan (D)

174th District - John Sabatina Jr. (D)

175th District - Michael O'Brien (D)

176th District - Mario Scavello (R)

177th District - John Taylor (R)

178th District - Scott Petri (R)

179th District - Tony Payton (D)

180th District - Angel Cruz (D)

182nd District - Babette Josephs (D)

183rd District - Julie Harhart (R)

184th District - William Keller (D)

185th District - Robert Donatucci (D)

187th District - Too close to call.

188th District - James Roebuck (D)

189th District - John Siptroth (D)

190th District - Thomas Blackwell (D)

194th District - Kathy Manderino (D)

198th District - Rosita Youngblood (D)

201st District - John Myers (D)

Monitor coverage here, here and here.

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