Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Another Young Professional running for Easton City Council

It has come to my attention that Jeff Warren, a young professional is running for Easton City Council. Thanks guys for pointing out this individual.

Although he doesn't state his age, according to Jeff's website, he graduated from Penn State in 1999. So by my estimates he is 30-ish, certainly well within a young professional realm, but not nearly as young as his counterparts in Bethlehem and Allentown.

Warren currently far outpaces all three Easton mayoral candidates in fundraising. Jeff Warren, one of four Democratic city council candidates, raised $12,385, according to campaign finance reports filed last week. Warren said he was very surprised with his fundraising efforts. He called it a testament to the support friends, family and colleagues have shown for him and his platform.

"I have found it absolutely amazing the support I've gotten," Warren said.

The campaign committee for state Rep. Jennifer Mann, D-Lehigh, donated $200 to Warren and state Sen. Lisa Boscola's committee donated $500. Warren works as Boscola's chief legislative assistant. Bethlehem-based Ashley Development generated more than $3,000 for Warren's campaign, including $2,000 from President Lou Pektor, $500 apiece from vice presidents Duane Wagner and Richard Brooks and $300 from project manager Steven Guy.
Developer Lewis Ronca donated $1,000 and Norton Herrick, a Florida-based developer, donated $1,000.

Despite the amount of money raised, Warren maintains he has not been actively fundraising. His campaign organized two mailers and two events, including a $25 per person fundraiser that generated between $1,200 and $1,300, he said.

Brown, Warner, Loane and Warren are competing next week for three open seats on city council. The top three Democrats will face Republicans Roger Ruggles, Peter Melan and Bill
Timmann in November's general election.

Jeff Warren pushes safety toward the top of the list for Easton's issues.

One thing each candidate agrees on is the need to hire more police officers. Over the past two years, the administration has opted to cut positions from the budget and offer early retirements, leaving the city with a short-staffed police department and soaring overtime costs.

The candidates also suggest the city more actively pursue state and federal law enforcement grants to pay for more police officers. Warren has strongly advocated eliminating city council pension and health benefits and funneling the money into the defunct community policing program.

The administration over the past two years has suggested closing either Heil or Eddyside pools for budget reasons and city council refused to budge. Loane, Warner and Warren side with the current council on this issue.

Warren said the city needs to forge relationships with other municipalities that could use Easton's pools. Warner wants to see Eddyside marketed to Forks Township residents.

Through Family YMCA of Easton, Phillipsburg and Vicinity, the city has begun marketing to the township.

Current and former members of the administration have been criticized for living outside city limits. Each candidate agrees at least cabinet members and department directors should live in Easton with Warren indicating specifically he'd like to institute such a policy.

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