Thursday, November 02, 2006

A cheaper way to fly could be coming to LVIA

AirTran, a major discount airline, is asking its customers where they want to fly next, and Allentown is one of 49 cities offered as possible future destinations.

Vote to bring AirTran here to the Lehigh Valley, making flying a little more affordable for young professionals.

AirTran would probably fly to Atlanta from here, among other possible destinations. Many local travelers fly to Atlanta from Philadelphia, where fares are lower.

Consultants have long said LVIA is a prime candidate for low-cost service from other carriers such as Southwest Airlines and JetBlue. That's because it's outside of a major metro area but close enough to draw passengers who want to avoid the hassle of larger airports. LVIA was said to be a top contender for service from Southwest but the Dallas airline chose Philadelphia instead in 2004.

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