Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Oct. 28th is Make a Difference Day

Saturday, Oct. 28th is national Make a Difference Day. In honor of America's largest day of doing good, the NET encourages its members to volunteer. Suggested organizations include:
  • Coalition for Appropriate Transportation - An educational charity which works to improve mobility for everyone. Improved walking, bicycling and transit mean a stronger economy, a higher quality of life. More transportation choices mean less congestion, reduced pollution, fewer auto crash deaths and life changing injuries, too. Curbing our use of the automobile fights suburban sprawl, obesity and increasingly high medical costs.
  • Emmaus Main Street Program - The basic premise of Main Street Program is that traditional downtowns are the "heart" of a community that from malls, superstores, and strip malls, traditionally downtown retail centers began to decline in the 1970's and 1980's. Typically, as blighted downtown storefronts began to empty, crime, vandalism rose and property values declined not only in the downtown district, but in the surrounding residential neighborhoods as well. Main Street Programs incorporate historic preservation, community consensus building, and volunteer effort to attain community and economic development.
  • Wildlands Conservancy - Since 1973, Wildlands Conservancy has been working to protect and enhance the quality of place that we all enjoy here in the Lehigh River watershed. Its mission is to preserve, protect and enhance the land, water, ecological and recreational resources of the region.

Other opportunities are available at the Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley's website.

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