Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dinner Party Dilemma

At some point in our twenties, many of us are ready to graduate from the keg party to the dinner party. But without a big budget, a big apartment, matching chairs or sometimes even a table, how can we make the leap?

We need to work with what we have in terms of time, money and space. However boot-strapped the dinner party turns out, there's still that gratifying feeling of adulthood when you gather at someone's home, instead of a bar, or act as the host of your own soiree, planning the menu, dolling up the crash pad, carefully crafting your guest list.

For more read the Wall Street Journal here.

Need a hand? Here are some Lehigh Valley resources:
Or try the Allentown Farmers Market for many yummy prepared foods.

Don't forget to pick up your favorite wine from local wineries.

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