Friday, June 09, 2006

5 Things: Lehigh Valley Celebs

Maybe your best friend's sister's boyfriend's uncle went to school with them, or you swear you saw them in the mall around Christmas. Whatever the case, these are our 5 favorite celebrities from the Lehigh Valley.
  1. Carson Cressley - Our source for all things fashionable on Queer Eye for the Stright Guy.
  2. The Rock - Do you think he asked his Home Ec teacher at Freedom HS the infamous question "Do you smell what the Rock is cookin?" We think not.
  3. Mario Andretti & Michael Andretti - Whatever you do, don't try to race that yellow Lamborgini on the streets in Nazareth.
  4. Christine Taylor - Some of you might remember her from "Hey Dude" on Nickledoeon, but she's probably best known as the wife of Ben Stiller and as Marsha in the Brady Bunch movie.
  5. Daniel Day Kim - He's currently LOST on an island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, but he grew up in Easton.

Do you know of anyone else that is from the Lehigh Valley?

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Anonymous said...

Daniel DAE Kim. Sheesh.