Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Spring on 4th, What's on 3rd

This is the 11th annual celebration of the spirit of the Southside of Bethlehem and the coming of Spring. Each year merchants, non-profit organizations and neighbors have joined forces, with the support of the City of Bethlehem, in this celebration of community.

What: 9th Annual Chilli Taste-off

When: Saturday, April 22nd, 12-3pm

Where: South Side Bethlehem

Cost: 3/$1

4th Street Chilli Stations:
Tally Ho Tavern -Endorphin Rush
Dejá Brew - Anti-Chilli
Sands Tan - VIP Chili
St. Peter’s Lutheran Church - Old Fashioned Lutheran Chili
Blue Sky Café - Blue Sky Vegetarian Chili
Casa Mia Pizzeria & Pub - Italian Chili
Tulum - Beth-Mex Chili
Bridgeworks Irish Pub - Southside Chili
The Funhouse - Hot Diggity Dog Tex Mex Chili
Godfrey Daniels - Turkey Ancho Chili
Southampton Fish & Chips - Henry the VIII Chicken Chili
Southampton Boys & Girls Club - Matty’s Magic Chili

3rd Street Chilli Stations:
Looper’s Bar & Grill - Red, White & Blues Brotherhood Chili
Crystal Signatures - Flawless Full Lead Chili
Lehigh Valley Magazine - “Best in the Valley” Chili
St. Lukes Hospital - Healthy “Heart”y Hot Hot Hot Veg Chili
Northampton Community College - Spartan Southside Special Chili
Hess Healthcare Services - Hessterical Chili
J. P. MacGrady’s Pub - MacGrady’s Irish Chili
Spa Soleil - Cluckin Hot Chili
Comfort & Joy - Da Hotness
Fox Optical - Coulbion Chili
Home & Planet - Planet Chili
Cleo’s Silversmith Studio - Brokeback Bean
Tallarico’s Chocolates - Smoke Stack Lightening
Monsoon Gallery - The Hondu Stew
Rain Gallery - Rain’s No Pain Chili
Arts Quest/Simply Special - Black Bean/Vegetarian Chili

New Street Chilli Stations:
Wildflower Café - Wildflower Organic Vegan Chili
Comfort Suites - Over the Edge Chili
Homebase Skate Shop - Hungry Hobo
St. Bernard’s/Home of Good Samaritans - Hog’s Chili

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