Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Inaugural Posting!

Welcome and thanks for dropping by!
This blog is meant to be an extension of the communities that you already know and love:
The NET and the Valley.
We see this as an opportunity to do everything that you wish the website did.  We want input
and comments and last minute plans. We are open to thoughts and ideas such as:
  • Best places to live and work
  • Impromtu gatherings (grab a coffee, see a movie, take a bike ride, etc.)
  • Sports leagues 
  • Discussion topics
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Best drink special on a Tuesday night
  • Where to go to get a great haircut, massage, inexpensive lunch, date place, etc.

1 comment:

Erik "The Viking" Olson said...

Easton is an okay place to live.

Central New Jersey is the worst place to commute to!

Rookies is the best place to grab a beer and watch the games! AMAZING HOT WINGS!