Saturday, October 28, 2006

Free wifi across the Lehigh Valley

All this talk of wifi has us here at The After Work Chronicles wondering... Where is there free wifi in the Lehigh Valley? We all need to break free of the office every once in a while and grab a cup of coffee or bite to eat. Asterisks (*) indicate Affiliate Partners who currently offer NET members discounts.


Allentown Public Library
1210 Hamilton St.

Bacio Italian Restaurant
1259 South Cedar Crest Blvd.

Damon's Grill
1731 Airport Rd.

Dan's Camera City
1439 W. Fairmont St.

Panera Bread
3100 West Tilghman St.

SW Coffee Blends*
4128 W. Tilghman St.

Wingate Inn
4325 Hamilton Blvd.


Bethlehem Public Library
11 West Church St.

Hotel Bethlehem
437 Main St.

Jazzman's Cafe
4 Campus Square

Lehigh University Library
27 Memorial Dr. West

Moravian Book Shop
428 Main St.

Panera Bread
3301 Bath Pike

Wired Gallery & Cafe
520 Main St.

Wise Bean Coffee and Espresso Bar
634 North New St.


Quizno's Subs
7001 N. Rt. 309


Cosmic Cup Coffee Co.
520 March St.

Easton Coffee Exchange
321 Northampton St.

Stiltskins Coffee House
117 North Third St.


Cappuccino Cafe
1301 Chestnut St.


Lower Macungie Library
3450 Brookside Rd.


Cyber Station Cafe
756 Main St.

Missing your favorites? Add them to the list!


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While your surfing the Internet for free, why not make free phone calls as well.
Simply visit: and click on the free users tab, enter your email address (no spam, your privacy is safe). I suggest an inexpensive USB headset with microphone.
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Richard said...

Wegmans locations too, in their Market Cafe.

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Zarggg said...

Don't forget about the Panera Bread at Southmont (Bethlehem Township)

Anonymous said...

The Quadrant, in downtown Easton.

Anonymous said...

Mas Cafe in Emmaus

Anonymous said...

If you are already a customer of PenTeleData or their partners, there are quite a few other locations where you can access their wifi for free as well: